David Simpson

Human Johnson


You have known this guy since…well since he took a bullet for you outside Syberspace about 10 years ago. A 405 Hellhound opened up with an auto into the crowd over some turf drek and he stepped in front trying to push you and a few others out of the way. Not a terrible way to make a new friend provided he lives, which he did.

Since then he’s been someone you have come to rely on for jobs and for honesty in a world that is, lets face it, never all that kind. For a runner though, having a Johnson they can depend on to watch out for them means the difference between squeaking out a living in the shadows and being found face down in the drain. He has steered you away from runs that seemed too good to be true, and practically kicked you in the pants to take some that he knew would be worthwhile. All in all, for the last several years this guy has been helping you pay the bills.

Two days ago you got a voicemail that started off “Hey, what’cha got shakin’ this weekend, chum. I was…” and then its another 45 seconds of complete silence. He has not responded to your calls since then and no one is home when you come knocking. He has ducked out in a hurry before from time to time, this just feels different though.


David Simpson

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