Ork Street Sam


This fraggin’ guy. My advice, just walk on by.

Misfit is an Ork but far more pissed than any you have met before. The chip on his shoulder must be building sized by now. He’s jacked to hell and back with various ware, so much so you would guess he’s maybe 20% Ork, 70% machine, and 10% perpetual anger.

He carries twin Browning Heavy Pistols with smarklink and more knives hidden in various places than you can count. There is a handle to something you would assume is another weapon on his back, but as far as anyone knows he’s never pulled it so what it is no one can say.

He’s the real deal though, chum. Most nights hes pulling small solo jobs for a Johnson out of Redmond but lately he’s just been parked outside of Club Midnight just north of downtown. Why, no one knows, but even the owners just leave him be.



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