Dwarf Rigger


He an ex-military Rigger with a paranoid side that also leans towards OCD. Everything is by the books with this one when it comes to the plan. He can improvise but he would rather spend hours figuring out how to avoid it. That means he rarely takes runs but when he does, they are planned to perfection.

What he does though he does quite well. He can pilot damn near anything with wheels and from what you understand about his military career, several things without them. He also runs drones like nobody’s biz. As a hobby he takes part in drone piloting contests across the city and wins enough that he doesn’t bother with runs very much anymore. These days though he is finding a healthy amount of income in the delivery trade, zipping drones into areas that aren’t always safe for boots on the ground.

If you need him though, you don’t go looking for him. That is sure fire way to find a bomb under your car when you least expect it. You leave a message with a service he uses and he will get back to you…if he wants to.

Oh, and don’t mention his height. He’s a sensitive bastard.



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