Human Gutter Shaman


She always deep in conversation whenever you see her which is somewhat off putting considering she is also completely alone whenever you see her.

A simply way to describe her? A.D.D meets the astral world. Her full range is more or less unknown but you’ve seen her use magic in ways that sometimes defy what you think her limitations are.

She often pulls spirits, especially those toxic little fraggers from sewer grates and dumpsters, to do her fighting for her while she ducks away. Those damn things. She might have complete control over them but the taste they leave in your mouth and smell on your clothes and hair linger for days.

She’s dependable though, provided you aren’t asking too much. She has a hard time staying in the moment and when she checks out she’s gone. You remember seeing someone screaming at her in a soykaf shop. She had apparently left mid toss up and this is where they found her, sipping some chocosoy and arguing with no one in particular about an online article she found while waiting in line.

One last thing, she’s fraggin’ gorgeous when she isn’t covered in sludge from the gutter.



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