Elf Decker


Streaks is a kid you met over a year ago on a small run outside Bellevue. He’s whiz on the matrix, not so much in real life. Poor kid desperately needs a burger or something, waif thin and always sulking from one cafe to another. His real name is Jeremy but you only know that because his mom wrote it inside his jacket that still fits him from middle school. Best guess, he’s twentyish now and lives in his parents basement somewhere in the burbs.

Where he got his deck and skills you don’t know but the kid pops locks on the matrix like we pop tabs on soda. The last job you worked you brought him simply to clock matrix nodes inside. He identified three smartlink systems, several pieces of cyberware, and probably saved your life considering at first glance the place seemed unguarded.

The kid can be found most days, just never really in the same place. You need him, just start checking libraries and cafes. He’ll turn up.



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