Troll Mage


She is a walking puzzle box. Her nature is kind, and relatively soft spoken, but you saw he angry once. Once was enough. They never found that guys jaw. What she is though is a mage that knows her drek. If it’s signed with an astral presence or of an arcane or occult nature, she has seen it before. Might be why everyone loves her classes in Seattle University where she is a respected doctor researching occult phenomena. At work she is known as Dr. Jane Ryce. On the streets, Stroller. And no, I don’t know why. She does still get out from time to time and flex her skills in the shadows though it’s rare these days.

She was recently asked to help with the excavation of Salish ruins by someone on Mercer Island, also known as Council Island. The site is somewhere near Mt. Rainier from what you understand. Things have been rather hush hush over there. Last you heard there was a major dig site that was yielding significant artifacts then all of a sudden everything goes quite and experts are flown in from various places around the world. Last time you spoke with her was right before she left. She sent you a few pics of the site but it just looks like she’s smiling in front of mounds of dirt. Either way, she hasn’t checked back in with you in over a week and has missed all of her classes according to friends.



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